Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download

Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download


Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download.,
Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download.,

Retrica Pro

Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download

With the increased presence of social networking sites and online interaction, digital photos have become a matter of utmost importance for a lot of people. Some people want a better photo to have a better image in society while others want to impress their customers in marketing. Digital Cameras are expensive so most of the people have resorted to their smartphones for quality photography. But there is a lack of quality photo editors in this case. People can no doubt edit their photos taken by smartphone by photo editors of usual cameras but for that, they have to put their photos into PC and then a large amount of time into each photo to make their photo better. Retrica Pro  is here to solve the problems faced by these smartphone users. It not only provide a wonderful editing software for photos after they have been taken but also provides a tool which allows users to add effects and filters to photos while capturing photos. And this latest version of Retrica allows users to capture photos with wonderful effects. Retrica Pro  Download provides users with a multitude of tools to edit their photos afterward. It even also allows users to capture videos with a variety of effects.

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Features of Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download

Following are the features of this marvelous app:

Take Photos with wonderful effects

Most of the photo editing software only allow editing of photos after they are captured. You can add a variety of effects to the pictures, change their parameters and so on with the help of that software. Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download provides something that no other software has ever provided or even thought of providing. It allows you to add a variety of customizable effects, filters, background etc while capturing your photos. It has about hundred different filters that you apply to your photos while capturing them. Those filters include exposure, ambiance, brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature etc. There are also some filters which allow users to capture photos as if they were capturing it at afternoon or at noon etc. Retrica  Free Apk Download is also an option of presets which allows users to capture photos in different settings with ease and with less time expenditure.

That’s not it, Retrica also allows users to use effects like vignette and blur. So while taking photos of persons or things or locations users can use these features to add more creativity to their photos and at the same time highlighting the main part of the photo. Even the out of focus effect which usually an expensive DSLR can be done remarkably well by this app. Out of focus, effect allows users to focus some parts of the picture while decreasing focus on others to highlight that part and creating a wonderful piece of art.

Make fantastic collages

Retrica Pro Download allows users to create remarkable collages. It allows users to customize the time interval between photos of a collage, change filter used for all of them or individually. So as a whole it depends totally on the user. Whatever the user wishes, happens and without any form of difficulty. There are about 22 different layouts for collages for users to benefit from and each of them has an infinite use.

Use different types of borders

Retrica Pro  Download allows users to add different borders to the photos to enhance a memory. It is a wonderful tool to make birthday photos, vacation photos, and wedding photos better than ever before. This border feature allows users to create fantastic photos of babies by adding different borders related to cartoons, flowers etc.

Usual Photo editing tools

Retrica  Download also has the usual photo editing tools which are used after capturing a photo to improve the overall feel of a photo. It allows users to crop a photo, tilt it, rotate it, adjust contrast, temperature, brightness, shine etc. It also allows the user to color correct their photos.

Remarkable Software for Selfies

The craze of selfies started when iPhone 4 was released in 2010, enabling users to capture their photos while seeing how they are looking in their photos. This app takes your usual selfies to a whole new level. It can be said that this app is made for enhancement of your selfies. It has remarkable filters, borders, and collage which make Retrica Pro the best app for a selfie. Its self-timer, out of focus, blur and vignette give it a remarkable edge over all other apps that are used for capturing and enhancing selfies.

Not Just Photos but Videos as well

This latest version of Retrica not only allows users to capture photos, take selfies but also enable them to capture brief videos of up to 10 secs. These 10 seconds allow you to capture different memories in a more creative way. These 10 seconds are no normal video but different filters and effects make these precious seconds as awesome as the photos too. It also enables users to capture some very funny videos and, the world where time is the key, these small videos are ranked very highly. Users can also get their videos in gif format instead of usual mp4 or MOV format. It allows users to share them better as short clips are usually shared in the form of gif formats.

Watermark Your photos

With this software, you will never be scared of pirates. By using watermarks on your photos, you protect them from being stolen and therefore no one can use your photos and your hard work without citing the source.

Well-made Interface

Its interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Its filters screen is very much like normal camera screen. So even a beginner doesn’t have a problem using it. Adding effects is very easy and users can also increase or decrease the magnitude of the effects simply by moving the sliders left or right.

Share on Social media Platforms

Retrica also allows the user to share the photos that they have captured or the selfies they have taken to all the famous social platforms including Facebook, twitter, Myspace, Instagram, Google plus etc. So you don’t have to manually upload every single selfie from your library.


From above features, we can easily conclude that this is the best app for Android and iOS users for capturing photos and selfies and applying filters and different effects on them. It provides all the tools required to make a photo look brilliant and well-made. It costs real money for the full version, but millions of people are still benefiting from it. We don’t want you to miss it and are thereby giving its full version here for free. So don’t waste your time and get ready for amazing selfies.

 Screenshot  of Retrica Pro Apk Download:

Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download.,
Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download
Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Donload.,
Retrica Pro v3.0.8 Free Apk Download

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